The Pros And Cons Of Grease Trap

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Cooking is a great way to create delicious food, however, it also ends up creating a lot of dirt and waste — especially liquid waste, or grease. Overtime, cooking can build up waste, and if left unchecked, it is not only disgusting, but it also can be a disgusting, complicated, and expensive process to fix. For instance, it can block sewage lines, which is a whole other problem itself. In the end, any working kitchen will create waste over time, and to prevent waste from causing more serious problems is by installing a grease trap. What is a Grease Trap? With the first patent for a modern day grease trap being issued in the late 1800s, grease traps have been used since the Victorian era. A grease traps, or a grease interceptor, is a trap in a drain or waste pipe that prevents grease from going into a sewer system and potentially causing a blockage. Today,…show more content…
Concrete When it comes to grease trap designs, two of the most common materials used are fiberglass and concrete. However, fiberglass grease traps have numerous advantages over concrete grease traps. Check out some essential advantages fiberglass traps have over concrete ones. Resistant to Corrosion Concrete grease traps are susceptible to corrosion overtime due to its porous interior. The permeable material enables bacteria to accumulate. Once formed, the bacteria can end up degrading the concrete overtime. Unlike concrete, fiberglass is a non-porous material which prevents the accumulation of bacteria. Bacteria will not only degrade the material, fiberglass can even withhold more harsh contents, like sulfuric acid or sulfide — which can erode the porous interior of concrete grease traps. Durability Concrete is known to expand or contract due to changes in the climate. When concrete expands or contracts, it is more likely to crack and leak. Fiberglass will not expand or contract in changing climates and the material will last much longer while requiring less maintenance and repairs.

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