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In order to study how Indian Wedding Photography has evolved through the course of time. The photographs from different periods will be analyzed based on the people, pose, purpose of photographs etc. In the 18th century when the idea of photography was spreading in the west most of people in our country did not possess the luxury of having their holy matrimony photographed. To fill the need of having a record we Indians used one of most ancient art of drawing a picture of their wedding with a commissioned artist. But only those who could afford to pay could access such a luxury. Here in this picture an 18th century Bundhela wedding is depicted. 18th century - The bride and groom are holding garlands in their hands and the rest of the family witnessing this auspicious occasion is painted beautifully. A huge amount of detail is given to depicting the attire of the bride and groom and their clan. This is a remembrance of how in India weddings…show more content…
There has been an incredible amount of change in the wedding photography, from the people, pose, frame, and color. From the poor quality black and white photographs to the full HD digital albums, from those of timid faces intently looking at the camera to those of confident, charming pictures, those of still and rigid picture to the more intimate and candid photographs. The idea of photography has changed from keeping a record for the marriage to creating memories. The new generation, always looking for something different has even come up with ideas like underwater photography which was unimaginable in the 80’s. The more candid idea of photography from the 1940s has made come back in a more refined form in the new millennia. The wheel of evolution when it comes to Indian wedding photography is turning ever faster than before. And it might not be long for the young India to come up with something as new as candid and underwater wedding

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