1920s Film History

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In film production, there have been many changes. From acting, directing, genres, and technological features, everything has been rejuvenated and has evolved within time. The coming of sound in the late 1920s is a key aspect in the history of film. Robert Scott (2005 – 2013) also agrees with this and believes ‘The 1920s represented the era of greatest film output in the US movie market.’ When sound first came to American cinema, it made a huge impact on not only those in the United States, but also those in other countries such as the United Kingdom. As sound coming into American cinema was a huge move within the film industry, I will be explaining the development of synchronized sound in American cinema in the 1920s. When motion pictures…show more content…
This film was purely to enhance the popularity of the sound and musical genre. Although The Jazz Singer had received huge success and a positive response, The Singing Fool managed to have an even greater success. The quote ‘It is common to point out that vita-phone sound shorts preceded it and that it didn’t enjoy a success as great as Jolson’s next film The Singing Fool’ (Chion, 2009, p.32) allows us to understand how The Jazz Singer was only the start of the sound-on-disc systems therefore not the best production made. The work Warner Bros. had put in to their production ended up being worth it as The Singing Fool became the highest grossing film and managed to maintain the title up until 1938. Due to this film being such a box-office success, everyone would remember this film being an important aspect as it had such a huge impact on the film industry and had changed it for the better. ‘The coming of sound to the American cinema was not a revolution, but a systematic, gradual industrial evolution’ (Gomery, 2005, p.151). This quote by Gomery clearly identifies how the coming of sound came about, and the idea of having sound made a big influence on other studios. The coming of sound was nothing more than the development of…show more content…
The 1920s and 1930s was a captivating period; cinema and the talking film had become an obsession. By the 1930s, synchronization sound had been perfected. The sound-on-disc system brought freshness and uniqueness to the film industry and was a huge revolution, rather than just a novelty. Hollywood had become the focus of movie making and during this time, movie production was mainly revolved around the U.S. Corporates were trying their best to make money hence why they started experimenting with sound system in the first place. If this hadn’t been done, then we would still be in the era of silent films. Overall, the expansion of the technological aspect increased rapidly and is still improving to this

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