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During the early years Mt. St. Helens is known as “Louwala-Clough”.Louwala Clough is also known as the “Smoking Mountain” because of some Indians of the Pacific Northwest, while, Mt. St. Helens had a memorable story behind its name. It is named Mt. St. Helens to honor a fellow countryman, who happened to be one of the naval officers. Captain George Vancouver was the person, who had the idea and dedicated it to honor his fellow countryman, Alleyne Fitzherbert and Vancouver named the other three volcanoes, Mount Hood, Mount Rainier and Mount Baker for the other British Naval Officers as well. Captain George Vancouver is known as the British Royal Navy, a seafarer and also an explorer. On the other hand, Alleyne Fitzherbert was the one who held…show more content…
St. Helens is located in Skamania which means “swift waters” County, Washington, where it was found around March 9, 1854 and has the largest and most populous county, Carson River Valley. Therefore, according to geologists, Mt. St. Helens is young compared to other major volcanoes, for instance, Mount Hood and Mount Rainier. Although, Mt. St. Helens is considered as a young mountain, it is also considered as the most active volcano because of the Holocene for the past 10,000 years or so. The USGS mentioned that the aggregate of the 1980 building of Mt. St. Helens were about 1,800 m or 6,000 ft above, and was completed during the spirit lake stage, which includes a lot of circuitous allotment of the atomic history (USGS). Therefore, the importance of Mt. St. Helens to Native Americans is quite interesting and amazing at the same time, about the fact that people have been living in the area for at least 6500 years, giving the Native Americans their needs to live their life, they were able to harvest huckleberries and hunt some animals like deer’s. A scientists work showed that the Native Americans was buried with a thick layer of pumice that cause a massive eruption throughout the human history, with an after effect of the eruption on people 3500 years ago, resulting people to fear the place and have abandoned the area nearly 2000…show more content…
St. Helens. Beforehand, Sarah Flicke, however, stated that an earthquake cause the mountain’s to flank, that even when a small eruption and earthquake are about to happen or after it happened, it can cause the mountain to change its’ form that will cause an unusual landslide and destroy anything that are in its way (Sarah Flicke). In additional, before the major eruption happened, Mt. St. Helens experienced different magnitudes of earthquakes, like 5.1 magnitude. On March 16, 1980, two days before the actual eruption, Mt. St. Helens had a small earthquake that causes rock falls. As time passes, Mt. St. Helens experienced more earthquakes that cause avalanche and creating a conglomeration of gasses, and tons of rocks falling everywhere in a matter of seconds. On the day, the major eruption happened in Washington State on May 18, 1980, the eruption was indeed the most destructive in the United States history. Mt. St. Helens major eruption caused the lateral blast, debris avalanche and the mudflows. Yet, the impacts of the eruption to people are still unbelievably shocking for those who were there, damages are everywhere, 57 people lost their lives, bridges and roads were also destroyed across different countries. The eruption left quite a mark on people’s head because of the catastrophic events. Like Jessica Liang said, despite the

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