The Giver Give Up Now Analysis

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Jonas would not let himself give up now. Although he and Gabe were tired, dehydrated, and hungry, he would not lay down and die. His future, Gabe’s future, and the communities future all depended on Jonas making it to Elsewhere. He only had one problem. He needed to find food and water in a place he had never been with things he had never seen before except for in the memories that The Giver had transmitted to him. After a while more of pedaling, Jonas decided to stretch and walk a little. That is when he noticed a bush full of tiny red berries. He immediately rushed over to the bush. Almost tripping and dropping Gabe on the way, he grabbed a handful of berries and threw them into his mouth. Even though the berries were bitter and sour,…show more content…
While trying to calm Gabe, Jonas realized what was happening because the same thing started happening to him. It was a terrible stomach ache that felt like someone was stabbing him over and over again. “It must have been the berries,” Jonas thought. Jonas tried to move but it only made his stomach hurt worse. All he could do was cuddle up next to Gabe, and fall asleep. When Jonas woke up, Gabe was still asleep and his stomach did not hurt nearly as bad. He decided to hop onto his bike, and pedal until he could not pedal anymore. Jonas pedaled for hours. His bike was starting to wobble, his vision was starting to get blurry, and he felt dizzy. He somehow continued on. Suddenly he could see a small house with twinkling lights. He could hear fun songs and smell the mouthwatering aroma of turkey and ham. The house was getting bigger and the sights and smells were getting stronger and more amazing. “We are almost here Gabe!” Jonas yelled with excitement. Gabe started cheering and laughing. They could feel love in the air. Then out of nowhere, Jonas felt excruciating pain. When he looked back, he could see that the front wheel of his bike was broken. Then he felt a liquidy substance running down his

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