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10. Unpunctuality This is one of the problems which need to be accounted for at its earliest. The employees at Lucky are not punctual to the timings they are reaching at work. Some employees reach even after 11 a.m. and there is no check and balance on the reporting time of the employees. This causes delays in the work productivity of the company also the employees aren’t working at their full potential. The HR has no attendance mechanism updated up till now. SUGGESTED SOLUTION FOR THE HR PROBLEMS 1. Gender Diversity To solve this problem, Lucky Cement should provide an equal employment opportunity for both male & female and hire a person who deserves the job. They should impose certain policies that eliminate gender inequality from their…show more content…
Another solution can be if a company has already decided for that “Future Leaders” program and are going to hire fresh graduates on higher pay then junior managers then they company should provide other incentives to the junior managers like medical insurance, discount vouchers, employment benefits or other membership…show more content…
Orientation The very first training that an employee undergoes as soon as he or she joins the company is known as the orientation. Lucky strongly believes that orientation is useful and important. Lucky conducts an orientation for all its new employees in which consist of all the basic information sharing about the company that an employee needs to know in order to fit in. This helps employee get aware of the working procedures, people, and decorum of them company. Plus the history of the company is a key component of the orientation process, as it helps employee understand the origin and vision behind the company. Also, it compares the company of today with what it was previously. Telling about how the company evolved and how it has reached this platform makes the employee feel accomplished to be a part of such a successful organization. Orientation also helps in conveying the rules and regulations about the company so that each employee is aware of the working conditions and work ethics of

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