Case Study: Bank Aljazira

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Bank Aljazira (BAJ) is a Joint Stock Company incorporated in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and formed pursuant to Royal Decree No. 46/M dated Jumad Al-Thani 12, 1395H (i.e. June 21, 1975). BAJ commenced its business on Shawwal 16, 1396H (i.e. October 9, 1976) with the takeover of The National Bank of Pakistan's (NBP) branches in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and operates under commercial registration No. 4030010523 dated Rajab 29, 1396H (i.e. July 27, 1976) issued in Jeddah. BAJ is recognized as one of the leading Shari'ah compliant fast growing financial institutions in Saudi Arabia, client-driven and service-oriented Saudi Financial Group which provides individuals, businesses and institutions with innovative Shari'ah compliant financial services…show more content…
Through a series of initiatives, BAJ is proud of having a world-class HR management characterized by a well-set performance development and review system, key performance indicators, motivation program, and structured/specialized training programs. BAJ has been maintaining an efficient working environment with long-term recruitment and retention programs led to uplifting the Saudization factor from 23% in 1994 to 87% by the end of 2009. Throughout its path of success, BAJ received several awards. Some of these remarkable awards are as follows: Saudi Investment Award for BAJ's Japanese Share Fund "Mashariq", 2004 Islamic Finance Magazine Award for Best Takaful Ta'awuni Provider, 2004 Internet International Union Award for BAJ's Tadawulcom Site "Local Share Trading Portal" Design, 2005 Euromoney Islamic Finance Award for Best Takaful Ta'awuni Provider, 2006 Policy Middle East Life Insurance Award for Best Takaful Ta'awuni Provider, 2007 Kleef Islamic Finance Policy Award for Best Takaful Ta'awuni Provider,…show more content…
• Sound natural, reality & cut what can be cut 26th/Jun/2016 Mr. Thamer order me to design the web for Tawasul – Human Capital Group and I start work on it by using wordprees domain. 29th/Jun/2016 Complete the Audit Project. And submit to my boss. 30th/Jun/2016  Quality Audit check was completed on 30/6/2016.  Checked Transfers: - Functional title. - Groups / Divisions / Organization.  Number of transfers audited (55). 1st / Jan / 2015 1st / Feb / 2015 22th / Mar /2015 1st / Apr / 2015 1st / May / 2015 1st / Jun / 2015 1st / Jul / 2015 1st / Aug / 2015 1st / Sep / 2015 1st / Oct / 2015 1st / Nov / 2015 1st / Dec / 2015 10th /Jul/2016 Mr. Mohammed Hussain explain to me how to do the delegation Delegation: transfer the authority from one employee to another employee. 17th/ Jul /2016 Transfer 45 employee from old position to new one. 18th/ Jul /2016 I set with new coop student and I explain to him about the work and I made for him Orientation Program with all department and explain to him how to create user name and password to employee. 19th/Jul/2016 Write agreed form for AL-Bait Al-Hassan, create user name and password for external source employee (Call

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