American Airlines: Environmental Scanning

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Environmental Scanning Customers American Airlines has a diverse customer base ranging from casual travelers, business people, cargo dealers, and international tourists. For this reason, the company welcomes expansive customer feedback in order to modify their products and service offerings to better suit the customers' specifications. Customers prefer American Airlines because they operate about 6700 flights daily, which gives customers a variety of choices and times that can accommodate their schedules (American Airlines, 2012). In addition to this, customers prefer American Airlines because the company provides safety and comfort as well as providing these convenient travel times. Most American Airlines customers are either middle class or traveling…show more content…
Recent goals of the company are focused into four areas, customers, environment, employees (our people) and communities. American Airlines seeks “to earn customer loyalty by consistently exceeding our customers' expectations” (About American Airlines: Performance And Goals, n.d). In the case of the environment ,American Airlines objective is to “act as good environmental stewards and implement innovative ideas and wise investments to minimize our environmental footprint” (About American Airlines:Performance And Goals, n.d) . American Airlines went through a restructuring process in 2012, which greatly affected the workforce of the company. To combat the issues ,American Airlines is dedicated , to making the company a “good place to work” to create a safe working environment (About American Airlines: Performance And Goals, n.d). To improve and gain trust amongst communities’ American airlines is dedicated to serving and supporting important causes and local developments (About American Airlines: Performance And Goals,

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