The Forest People

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Deep in the forests of Western Africa one can find a small tribe of people refered to as the BaMbuti Pygmies. The pygmies have a very different way of life, living in their own cultural norms and societal rules. The book “The Forest People” by Colin Turnbull takes a specific look at the BaMbuti and their culture. It explores many of their rituals and beliefs. Many of the aspects explored by Turnbull are vastly different than the aspects of society that are found in American Societies. Some of the cultural aspects that were looked at that can be compared and contrasted to American Societies include their hunter/gatherer society, music and its importance, and their connection to the forest. When the BaMbuti are in the Inturi Forest they are considered to live in a hunter/gatherer society. They live off of the land taking everything nature already has to give while following game from location to location. This contrasts with most american societies because they can be considered industrial societies. This being said the societies rely mainly on industrial machinery to produce the things needed to…show more content…
Music and song is not only apart of their daily lives, but it is also a big part of many of their rituals. The most important being the molimo. This is when the BaMbuti sing to the forest. This ritual always changes depending on the circumstances behibd it, but it is used by the pygmies to reconnet to the forest. This can actually be seen slighlyly differently in american culture, but it is something that can be relative to both cultures. In American societies music is a big part of most peoples lives. People use music to connect to one another, to connect to themseves, and to express themselves to the world around them. Both societies uses song and music to express themseles to the world around them in the hopes they will be able to connect with something greater than just

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