Importance Of Silviculture

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Silviculture has such a closed link in the managing forest sustainability this is because silviculture was one of the ways to help our forest value and also the production of timber. As we know that silviculture system has help a lot in managing tropical forest sustainability in our country and also to the world. Based on my understanding the meaning of silviculture is the care and development or growing of the forest trees. While forest sustainability is the tree that were replant by seedling to replace the fell tree so that they will grow up and become the mature trees this is to ensure the continuously of timber production. One of the ways that showed silviculture system does help in managing tropical forest sustainability is by cut down…show more content…
Moreover, it does not disturb the growing of the other plants and help in enrichment of timber and green plants. While the species of fast growing plant were also planted such as Acacia mangium (akasia), Paraserianthes falcataria (batai), Gmelina arborea (yemane), dan Khaya ivorensis (khaya) and so on. This is because the fast growing plant can increase the production of wood and also enrich the nature of the forest. By replant the timber tree it does help a lot to the environment and also to the world especially in global warming. As we knew that when deforestation happened or when people are cutting down the trees, it does released billion of tons of carbon dioxide into the air that caused the green house effect that contribute to global warming. The function of a tree is to absorb the green house gasses. Other than to get the timber or forest products, by planting or replanting more timber tree, it will help a lot in preserve the Earth’s ecosystems especially in global

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