Primates: The Smartest Creatures On Earth

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Humans may be the smartest creatures on earth: able to create gargantuan buildings with architecturally sound foundations. We may even be able to create life lengthening inventions that allow us to live twice as long, but there are animals with capabilities that far exceed our less than average limits. It seems as if though we have lost our edge, if we ever had one. From our warm spongy skin to our thin brittle nails we stand defenseless against possible predators, our only saving grace being our vast weaponry and problem-solving skills. Animals have developed chemical warfare, specially adapted skin, talons, heightened senses and mimicking colorations of more dangerous predators; on the other hand humans are quite defenseless. Without our…show more content…
Due to their arboreal lifestyle primates are born able to sit up and cling to their mother at the least. Some are able to climb on their own only returning to their mothers to nurse. Humans are born totally defenseless unable to even sit-up on their own let alone support their own body weight enough to cling to their mother. Human babies also lack any form of protective covering from their delicate skin, but primates are born with a thick coat of fur for thermoregulation. Human babies are completely dependent on their mothers until around two years of age when they begin to speak somewhat fluently all the while running and jumping as if they had all the energy in the world. We are not only defenseless at birth, but we also take longer to mature and become independent compared to our animal kin. Apes of that age have long since been weaned from milk and exceeded adolescence. Many of which would be soon to start their own families within their…show more content…
They are also capable of changing their color and some species can even change the texture of their skin. Although spongy and seemingly delicate they have a sharp beak located at the base of their bodies and are able to secrete ink to confuse their attacker. Humans are unable to change the pigmentation within their skin through cellular constriction. Imagine if humans were able to camouflage or even communicate within their species using their skin, there would be less day to day confusion. We also lack any form of venomous or poisonous secretions nor do we have any distinctive markings to even pretend like we do. However, the most useful adaptation is their creation and use of their ink as a defensive mechanism that allows them to disappear quickly behind a natural smoke screen. Octopuses may not be the best adapted animals but their adaptations are pretty cool and allow them to live out their lives in the ocean without need for

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