The Fault In Our Stars Conflicts

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“I’m a grenade and at some point I’m going to blow up and I would like to minimize the casualties, okay?” (Green 99). This quote is said in the book, The Fault in Our Stars by John Green, by the main character Hazel Grace Lancaster. Hazel is a cancer patient who has a serious case of thyroid cancer that eventually spreads to her lungs. During the story Hazel meets a boy named Augustus Waters who also has cancer and they create a very strong relationship that is life changing. Hazel says this particular statement to her parents one day, not because she hates them, but because she is overly stressed out and deals with a lot of inner conflicts. Throughout The Fault in our Stars Hazel deals with a strong conflict involving herself that affects herself, affects Augustus, and…show more content…
Hazel’s battle with herself affects her both mentally and socially. Since Hazel has such a serious case of cancer she attempts to limit the number of people around her, so the number of people that get hurt when she passes will be minimized. According to 7 Types of Narrative Conflict “A person’s struggle with his or her own prejudices or doubts or character flaws constitutes this type of conflict (Hamlet)” (Nichol). Throughout the book Hazel shows many signs of having a self-conflict, but no sign shows as much as her doubt. Each of her “doubts” relate back to one thing, her cancer. Since Hazel has obtained cancer there is a sort of dullness about her, which is understandable because knowing you have a possibility of dying any day of the week can become pretty stressful. One of the biggest doubts shown in the book is she doubts she will live longer then Augustus. Given that she doesn’t know Augustus is sick again sort of adds to this because she believes he is perfectly fine again. In the book Hazel realizes that her becoming close
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