Macbeth Synthesis Essay

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The word “fear” stems from the Middle English feer, fere, fer, the old English f r for ‘calamity, danger’ (and its verb f ran ‘frighten’ but also ‘revere’) is related to the Proto-Germanic fera ‘danger’ the Proto-Indo-European ‘ per’ – to attempt, try, research, risk (Wictionary -2014). Fear is a strong, uncontrollable, unpleasant, emotion caused by actual, tangible, corporeal or perceived danger in the lives. The tragic heroes never care about that danger and try to find solace and relief in committing the sins. Fear means a phobia, a sense of fear induced by something or someone and thus the heroes have feared a lot before and after their immoral acts. It also alerts us to the presence of danger and is divided in to two stages, biochemical which is universal and…show more content…
• Let not light see my black and deep desires.(I iv 148) Macbeth’s mind is full of scorpions as he becomes a colossal criminal and thus he is subjected to terrible dreams and restless ecstasy. He wants peace but he does not get it as he cries in utter chaos: • Ere we will eat our meal in fear, and sleep • In the affliction of these terrible dreams • That shake us nightly (III ii 16-18) Macbeth is afraid of the blood on his hand and also on his conscience. “Ram Bilas Sharma says that he is afraid of contemplating what he has done”(15). Macbeth often fears about the hands that stretching towards him and as he cries: • What hands are here! Ha! They pluck out mine eyes… (II ii 58) Macbeth in chaos and utter fear cries as he does not like to think what he has done and every instant of his action he fears a lot and also he fails to understand his sin and thus he says: • To know my deed’t were best not know myself (II ii 77) Even before committing the murders he gets the horrific life but he fails to understand when he is pricked by his conscience and also the fear of warning and thus he contemplates: • Whose horrid image both unfix my hair • And make my seated heart knock at my

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