What Is Earlie Characterization In Nothing Much To Do

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Like in Shakespeare's text, Nothing Much To Do combines different plot lines and different characters' opposing motivations. There is no main narrator to lead the audience through the story and judge the characters' actions – especially in the conflict between Benedick and Beatrice. Neither of them is presented to be in the right, it rather seems like they both go overboard with their taunts and fights, to the annoyance of their friends. Claudio, Pedro and John are given an opportunity to explain their perspective on the conflict in videos uploaded on Benedick's or Hero and Beatrice's channel, although this delays the point within the story when the audience learns about John's intrigue. In the adapted text the rivalry between Don Pedro and his illegitimate brother Don John is introduced in the first act where Don John announces that crossing Don Pedro in any way would be a blessing for himself (1.3.62,32). In Nothing Much To Do, John only explains his reasons for setting up Claudio after he believes Hero to be dead, claiming that Pedro made him feel invisible and inadequate (“CONFESSION”). However,…show more content…
References to music, TV-shows and books are omnipresent in the series. In “A Wild Hero Appears!“ Hero is reading John Green's The Fault In Our Stars, a tragic story of two young lovers whose love is doomed to fail due to the fact that they both suffer from terminal cancer, which emphasizes Hero's romantic nature. Later we learn that Beatrice's favourite book is Frankenstein by Mary Shelley (“Q&A 2: The Second One”), which suggests a less sentimental character . In the first Q&A (question and answer) video Beatrice and Hero also discuss their Hogwarts Houses, a question many people who grew up reading J. K. Rowling's Harry Potter series have asked themselves at one point. Those small preferences make the characters believable and

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