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Feminism : the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes. Why do we need feminism? We need feminism because we live in a world where people aren’t educated about equality or feminism. Feminism seems to have a derogatory meaning today; even many women deny being feminists because it sounds bad. Not only should all women be feminists, but everyone should be, just because it means equality. Feminism is an issue in The Kite Runner. From female oppression and male dominance to stereotypical gender roles, the characters in this book acted as if a male automatically had a better life than a woman, just because he wasn’t a woman. Baba was not a very good role model for Amir in the sense of equality. He told Amir that boys should never read or write poetry; “real men” played soccer. Baba also taught Amir that crying is a sign of weakness. Amir saw Baba cry for the first time and his first instinct was, “Fathers weren’t supposed to cry.” We need feminism for many reasons. Instead of teaching boys to control themselves, schools and dress codes teach girls to cover their shoulders, wear loose clothing, and Animal Rights: “Animals are not ours to eat,…show more content…
Because animals have very similar systems to humans, it’s been proven that they can feel pain or pleasure, but especially pain, when they are abused, separated from their families, tested on in labs, and tortured and killed for meat and clothing. In The Fault in Our Stars, Hazel Lancaster is a vegetarian and says, “I want to minimize the number of deaths I am responsible for.” This could have been because she had cancer and she knew what it was like to lose people, and she also knew what it was like to almost die (because it had happened a few times). 3.2% (7.3 million) of adults in the U.S. follow a vegetarian based diet, and living a life that can help at least some animals is a life I plan to keep on

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