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“I’ve seen the back of that shade a million times,” I answered, “but I’ve never seen the poster before.” “Weird,” Ben said. “Margo’s parents just said this morning that she sometimes leaves clues,” I said. “But never anything, like, concrete enough to find her before she comes home.” (Green 108) This is the quote which explains what Paper Towns by John Green is all about. After an all night adventure, Margo goes missing much to the displeasure of her all nighter buddy Quentin(Q). So Q does what most teenage boys in love would never do. He does whatever he can in his and his friend’s power to find her. This book maybe be a mystery novel but it has romance and humor all throughout it which makes it enjoyable. Along with this the mystery isn’t one of those you solve until the character solves it. This book also had the amazing writing style of John Green and he created some amazing characters for this book. One of those characters is the main character Q. Q put on his thinking cap to try and…show more content…
“She screams at me now, pulling herself up now by my shirt so she can get in my face. “Oh, bullshit. You didn’t come here to make sure I was okay. You came here because you wanted to save poor little Margo from her troubled little self, so that I would be oh-so-thankful to my knight in shining armor that I would strip my clothes off and beg you to ravage my body.” (Green 284) This was easily my favorite part since at first I was so happy for Q and then I was shocked. I never imagined Margo reacting that way. The argument that followed also was just an amazing thing to read, I was hooked. So it is clear to see why this was my favorite part since the emotions I felt were changing so fast it made it enjoyable. It was the best way this book could have ended since it ended on such a high

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