The Importance Of Individualism

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Individualism is pervasive which serves as a guiding principal affecting the way we live and behave, and take priority over community, metaphysics, cosmology, or religions (Zhang, 2016). For instance, educational institutions are structured to enhance individual achievement, and there are also a lot of sayings, e.g. “You have no one blame but yourself” to state the importance of individualism. According to Callero (2013), individualism is a belief system that privileges the individual over the group, private life over public life, and personal expression over social experience. To develop individualism, it is said that technology has played an important role. I believe that technology is inherently good for the development of individualism because it encourages the maximization of individuals’…show more content…
Technology encourages the maximization of individuals’ self-interests rather than pursuing group interests, which supports the meaning of utilitarian individualism (Bellah 1996). It provides a more sophiscated and effective way for individuals to gain self-interest. To be specific, technology extends our abilities to change the world: to transfer raw materials into finished goods, to move things from one place to another, and to reach farther. Technology is used to change our world to a place suit individuals better (American Association for the Advancement of Science, 1990). The benefits of using technology is significant, but the impacts on changing the world is unpredictable and complicated. Some of the unexpected
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