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The Road :Post Apocalyptic World Have you ever wonder what it would be like to live in a post apocalyptic world?Would you have the sufficient skills to fend for yourself in those conditions? What would you do to survive? In the novel The Road by Cormac McCarthy is based on a post apocalyptic world that has been impacted by global catastrophe, which left United States in total abysmal . The world is described as grey , cold , and a scarcity of resources . The two main characters whose names are the man and boy need to journey to the south region since the northern region is becoming unbearable to live in due to arctic temperature drop.The author gives very little details on the background stories of who or what the main characters did…show more content…
For many years now authors have been using this lethal environment to describe their background setting in their novels .This create an enticing effect on it audience that evokes emotions in the readers to feel sympathetic towards the characters.Post apolcaltyics worlds are usually based of the question what are you willing to do to survive . The environment itself is a disaster with a shortage of resources, driven by despair and anguish ness. It is a dark omience place that kills that ethuahhtist for life that indivuals once felt before the catastrophe occured . It elimates faith in humanity due to an epidemic of increased devastation. in the novel mccartrhy describes his world as cold and grey with ashes everywhere. This siginfies a revealtion of poisions atomsphere that is slowly killing the main characters . The father is actively looking for a cure for his son that is ill due to the freezing tempatures and toxic air .In the novel The Road McCarthy illustrates “The land was gullied and eroded and barren. The bones of dead creatures sprawled in the washes. Middens of anonymous trash… (177)” In this passage McCarthy is describing the obbscure dark ambience that the characters are living through. It is describing the land as being completely dead with no form of living animals or people in their surrounding.This can destroy anybody’s hope to survive . The man has a harder time coping with that chaotic transition of living in a dead society . Since he used to lived during the time in where the earth was still intact .The boy has lived all his life in misery so he would feel a disconnection toward his father . During the novel the man and his son are living through a land that are a combination of war and third world country in the real

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