Comparing The Film 'Cowboys And Aliens'

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MeccaGrace Allen Professor Sue Brower Film 370U – Film Genres in Context December 1, 2014 Cowboys & Aliens: A Western and Sci-fi Hybrid The film Cowboys & Aliens could be seen as a classic western if not for the sci-fi elements of aliens. If the aliens were bad men trying to steal the gold and kidnapping people then this would be a full blown classic western equipped with a battle at the end that leads to their demise but because of the presence of aliens this film is now categorized as a sci-fi film first and foremost with western elements. The film Cowboys & Aliens starts off with a man (Daniel Craig) waking up in the desert with no memory, a metal bracelet, and injuries. As he tries to get the bracelet off with a rock, three men on horses come upon him and try to harass him, to which he then takes them down and steals their clothes, gun, and horse. He then arrives at a town, where he meets the town Reverend…show more content…
This is shown when Lonergan first wakes up and is approached by the three men and uses his skills to subdue all three men. It is also shown when in the saloon Jake is sitting alone and Ella comes up to him and tries to talk to him but we can tell that he wants to be alone. Also when asked to join the search party Jake declines and goes off alone. Some more elements of the western are that of a saloon, sheriff’s office, gambling, and a violent end with the hero leaving town. The saloon is shown many times, first when Lonergan gets arrested, and then at the end when everyone home again and dancing. There was a scene right before Lonergan got arrested that showed a couple of men gambling at a table off in the corner. The sheriff’s office was shown when Percy and Lonergan were locked up and getting ready to be sent to the federal marshals. Cowboys & Aliens ends with Ella bombing the alien spaceship with all the aliens

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