Dominican Republic Vs Haiti Research Paper

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The Dominican Republic VS Haiti Conflict The conflict of the Dominican Republic and Haiti can be considered a sensible subject of which ever manner it could be presented. The conflict is sensitive to both parties due to issues that have been going on since the countries have been formed. It all started with the Independence of each province of the island. The Dominican Republic was part of the Spanish Empire and the Haiti consisted of being part of the French Empire. In 1804, Haiti gained independence from France. The event of this Freedom ignited a fire within the other colonies throughout the Caribbean, including the neighboring country under the Spanish sovereignty called the Dominican Republic. In 1822, newly fresh Haitians feared that…show more content…
They lost from what it seems to be their identity, or were in fear of losing their individuality. One can consider it at the very beginning a primordial violence or conflict. Since the Haitians and Dominicans come from different ethnic groups, they are constantly conflicted due to that perculiar reason. One can see the racism and anti-Haitians throughout the epoch of Trujillo (Codik, 2006). During that epoch, a plethora of Dominicans started being to express nationalism through racism and discriminatory acts. One could describe as almost a phobia, or the Dominican version of Xenophobia. Xenophobia can be communicated as the fear of foreigners. In the case for this paper, xenophobia can be represented as the fear of the Haitians. With that same fear, a fire ignited in which inspired Dominicans to separate them from the Haitians. According to Pedro Martinez, whom lived throughout the Trujillo epoch and currently resides in the Dominican Republic, he mentions that racism is still found today within the nation. He also mentions that hate crime such as killing Haitians for the pleasure is practically allowed. In Dominican Republic, children are taught to have the anti-haitianism since a young age. By commenting on how the Haitian is the equivalent of the boogyman and amongst other factorials (Martinez, 2014). The law ignores the types anti-haitianism actions (Martinez, 2014). In fact, a law resides…show more content…
The institutional theory focuses on formal structures of the focuses on formal structures of government. (Rafael Trujillo, 2014) For example, during the conflict of the Dominican Republic vs Haiti, during the most evident of the prime time was during the epoch of Trujillo. Trujillo managed to make the Dominican Republic as a Democracy, but it functioned as it if were a dictatorship. The votes were fixed and he did gain control of all the potential leadership positions, with having close mates in the office as well. Practically people voted for him due to fear and military control over the entire country. Trujillo predicted that the plan of getting rid of the Haitians in the Dominican Republic would better the economy. To the extent, the economy was improved under trujillos dictatorship. The economy prolonged, the middle class grew, and foreign debt practically vanished. Currency was more stabilized and event that it got to be to the point where the Dominican peso was equal to the dollar. (Rafael Trujillo, 2014) Trujillo focused primarily on perfecting the institutions of the Dominican Republic. Even though he leaned more over fascism, he improved the country more than the democrats within the country. Practically everything in Trujillo’s reign was fixed and planned out; such as the elections for him and his

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