Loneliness In John Steinbeck's Of Mice And Men

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As an adult you should never want to be lonely. In the story mice and men the theme is lonely. The two main character Lennie and George both experienced lonely nest and another character named Crooks does to. Lennie is a big man who’s not the brightest person in the world. George is kind of lennies leader, basically telling him what to do. And Crooks is a unloved black man who is treated different because of his race. Each of them just wants to live a better life. George and and lennie are very lonely and this story. George is the leader of lennie. George is hard on Lennie because lennie is not that bright. All they want to do is get a small house with lots of animals together and live their life. George and Lennie both gets a job and george is very happy. But lennie ruins it by killing the wife of the bosses son. This then ruins everything, and everyone wants to kill Lennie now. This is so hard for George and he kills lennie.…show more content…
He was a big man who loved animals. And throughout his life George he has been following George. Lennie also wants to get away and live with George. Lennie gets into a fight with bosses son Curley, and almost breaks his hand. Curleys wife comes into a barn while Lennie was in their, shes starts flirting with him showing him a soft spot in her hair. Lennie loves things that are soft because it reminds him of animals. While lennie was in her hair he didn't want to let go and she starts screaming ‘help’. Then he puts his big hand around her mouth as she tries to break free, he snaps and breaks her neck killing her. This makes everybody look for lennie and end up being the reason george kills
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