The Effects Of Hip Hop On African American Culture

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Hip hop has a long history of being tied to violence, gangs, drugs, and more. Just as society has evolved, hip hop has evolved as well and it is important to understand the effects of hip hop on our current generation. To begin, it is important to address where hip hop came from. Hip hop culture has its roots grounded deep in the African heritage. It spread from their original home in Africa to the African American and Latino neighborhoods in America. Social scientists called this the African diaspora, as stated in the Rap and Hip Hop Culture text by Fernando Orejuela. “The diaspora to the Americas began with the capture of millions of Africans. Once the Africans arrived in the Americas, they were transformed from African captives…show more content…
They had no way up. Majorities across the world could further their careers without any issues. Minorities however, were racially stereotyped and so it was much harder for an African American to make his or her way up in society. What exactly is “up”? By making your way “up” in society, you move up in the social manner by class. There is the lower-class, middle-class, and upper-class; some people put the working-class with the middle class. However you put it, it was very hard for minorities to move out of the lower-class in this time period. By having no way out, hip hop was a new way of not only creating an outlet for the tough life that many young Black and Latino men lived but also an expression of true musical talent in a way that no one had ever heard of before. An example of this would be with the most famous Tupac Shakur. He is known today as one of the best rappers to ever live and people still honor him on days like his birthday and the day of his death. Shakur was the son of Billy Garland and Afeni Shakur who was in jail (and later acquitted) on bombing charges while pregnant with him. So, the tough life began way before he was even born it seems. “Sometime after his birth, he was named Tupac Shakur who spent his earliest years in the Bronx and Harlem, and at age thirteen made his acting debut in a production of A Raisin in the Sun at an Apollo Theatre benefit for Jesse Jackson's 1984 presidential campaign. He spent the rest of his childhood moving around the country with his mother. He attended the Baltimore School of the Arts before dropping out and settling, at the age of 17, in Marin County, California” (The Rolling Stone Tupac Shakur

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