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Jazz is known for its unique sound and tempo. It is widely known in the US as a classical style of music. It may not be as popular as it once was, but Jazz is probably the most famous music style. Its roots reach deep into Louisiana blues and can be traced back to African American slaves. African American slaves used to sing chants and songs of freedom to the tempo in which Jazz is most famous for. Even though Jazz is considered Negro music by some racists, it is not so. Jazz was inherited by all cultures and does not focus only on African Americans. Jazz has a wide variety of styles such as New Orleans Jazz, Blues Jazz, and Southern Jazz. Jazz also has a large influence in country music and was a large factor in civil rights. Jazz will live…show more content…
They get a better grasp on where their music is coming from by studying Jazz. If it weren’t for Jazz modern music styles like Bop, Hip Hop, and especially country would not exist and be as popular as they are. Jazz is not only in America though; some European and Asian countries have adopted Jazz into their culture. They may have their own twist on it, but it can still be easily recognized as Jazz. In Europe Jazz influenced many well-known artists to get into music. English bands, such as Bad Company, got their desire to perform from listening to…show more content…
Every song has a strong emotion that surges through it. These emotions include sorrow, anger, happiness, grief, frustration, etc. Any emotions that one may be feeling can be found in Jazz songs. There isn’t any emotion that Jazz does not evoke. Yes, that means Jazz can evoke jealousy or even righteousness. If people don’t enjoy plain Jazz that’s ok because there are many styles of Jazz that people can fall in love with. These styles include New Orleans, Bebop, and swing. I myself am most familiar with the New Orleans style of Jazz. I enjoy the soulful lyrics and tempo. New Orleans style Jazz is mostly known for the small set of instruments that carry the melody evenly. Bebop has a higher tempo and quicker pace. Swing is mellower and evenly paced. I enjoy all styles of Jazz music even if I favor New Orleans over the rest. This is plainly due to the fact that it is the one I’m most familiar with and know the most. Jazz music will never be forgotten it will live on in the heart of Americans for years to come. As long as grandparents play it for their grandkids and their grandkids play it for their friends it will continuously be played and remembered. It would be heartbreaking if in a few years Jazz would be forgotten and left to die with last era of Jazz fans. I hope that this does not happen but Jazz is slowly fading and by studying it in colleges and schools it is fading at an incredibly slow

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