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It is imperative that to our country’s success you include women in The Declaration of Independence. The Declaration of Independence should quote women as an equal for our country’s sake and prosperity in the long term. We have contributed in making this distant dream of gaining an independence a reality; it would not been achieved without our cooperation. Today we are acquiring our independence from Britain, not only as a result of the colonists fighting but also because women were the ones that provided medical care and served as secret spies. In a war constituted for and by men, women pushed boundaries and found a way to collaborate. According to the declaration all men are created equal and have the right to pursue happiness, nevertheless…show more content…
We appreciate being treated like fragile roses; still, we also have a mind and should be contemplated upon as such. You and the other colonists used the Boston Tea Party as a way to alert the British you were exasperated of their rules. We can carry out the same, and even if not immediately in the long run we will. Envision we at some point can be the like the British and start passing down intolerable acts. Women can create rules and pass down acts just like the British did when they were utterly distressed with the colonial acts. By rejecting us in the Declaration of Independence you are denying and doubting our acumen. A person is less of a person if they treat others as subordinates on account of their ethnicity or gender. You have the right to call yourself civilized when you have not crossed that line. Nevertheless, if you cannot accept a person and assist destroying the essence of a group you might as well never say that being human or animal are two different concepts. By forbidding women in the Declaration of Independence you are engendering imaginary barriers in people’s mind, just as the British did with the proclamation line that angered you so much. The proclamation line was spawned to isolate the colonists from the natives and reduce how much land they could potentially own. If women are not spoken of in The Declaration of Independence you are confining and…show more content…
They display contempt towards women and consider us inferiors. Which should not be the case for this unique nation you are composing. It also repudiates the preeminent purpose of the colonists when they first came to America. The colonists wanted to not be oppressed anymore and they came searching for a new life. As a result in this moment they are getting that, yet as you and the other colonists get your different life you are subduing another group and their ideas. If the desire to come to the Americas was for change then you should implement that, because if not what you are forging is a mirror image of the rest of the world. If you decide to devise a mirror image of the rest of the world consequently your problems will never be over, since you never solved the core of them; you worked around the edges. You have granted independence to a modest portion of the people in your nation, however still need to free the other

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