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Many people’s reputations and careers were being ruined during the time of the Cold War, from the late 1940’s to the early 1950’s. This was because of McCarthyism, which could be described as the making of accusations without any real evidence. This term McCarthyism started being used because of Joseph McCarthy. He was a U.S. Senator from the State of Wisconsin. During the time of the Cold War, McCarthy became a very well known public figure. He was known for claiming that there were communists in the United States that we didn’t know of. Many people became very scared quite quickly. This became known as the Second Red Scare (maybe because most of the Eastern part of the world was being taken over by communism and Americans didn’t want that happening to them).Because of Joseph McCarthy, many people were put under trial with no evidence. Thus, destroying their careers, reputations, and anything that was to be said about them in society. The Second Red Scare happened after World War II and was started because of…show more content…
He was a playwright and was a well known public figure. Miller was questioned by HUAC when he had gone to renew his passport. He was brought before the committee in 1956; Marilyn Monroe attended him, putting her career on the line. Miller wrote the play The Crucible during the time of the Second Red Scare after the Cold War. It was during this time that people were being very unreasonable and were being persuaded by any public figure with authority; such as Joseph McCarthy. In the Crucible it emphasizes the Salem witch trials during 1692-93, showing how stupid everyone was acting during this time; just as they were during Miller’s. People’s reputations were ruined during this time because of something as simple as people thinking a family member was a witch. I do believe that there was McCarthyism going on in the 1600’s, they just didn’t have someone named McCarthy to name it after

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