The Crucible Research Paper

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PROMPT: To what extent are the values represented in The Crucible relevant today? (0:20) Anecdote: After a grueling job search, you finally land your dream job. As your first job out of college, you are ambitious and excited for the years to come. Fast forward three years later...... Every co-worker is promoted and they all get pay raises ,and... YOU: you are still stuck in the same cubicle, with the same pay, with the same everything...NOTHING has changed. At first it was just getting settled, but NOW you realize that this is just how it is: “women are not equal to a man.” (0:40) Claim: “Many Americans tend to think that the nation is blessed with the virtue of the distinct quality of gender equality, heck, there's even an Amendment in the constitution foreseeing that America remains equal…show more content…
Census Bureau. That gap, though, is worse for women of color: Black women make 64 cents and Latinas make 56 cents for every dollar earned by a white man. (2:20) Counter Argument: “Here, women can drive; they don't need male guardians to travel, work or receive health care, and the list keeps going on and on and on.” Ya I agree, However, there is just one big problem. Yes woman can drive with freedom, yes they can travel, but how are they gonna drive without having any source of transport and how are they going to travel when they can’t earn enough a year to guarantee that they stay

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