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Delphinus, the constellation that translates to "The Dolphin". I have chosen this constellation because I love dolphins, and I love how they function in their environment. It ceases to amaze me how intellectual and capable they are of survival in their surroundings. Did you know that to prevent drowning while dolphins sleep, half of their brain stays awake so they can continue to breathe? So I have picked this constellation so I can study the story of how the dolphin supposedly came to be in ancient Greek mythology. Some fun facts about Delphinus is that it is one of the smallest constellations, and is surrounded by constellations such as, Sagitta, Aquila, and Pegasus. The story of Delphinus goes like this... After the the three brother gods of Greek myths; Zeus, Poseidon, and Hades, had overthrown their father, they divided the land and each took one part for their own to rule. Zeus took the sky, Hades took the…show more content…
Everyone loved this dolphin like a brother. Everyone was his friend. This was until the war broke out with the gods, and he was drafted into the battle as a soldier.He was a great fighter though. He was quick and helped kill many. Then it was over, and they had won. He hadn't really won though, or at least it didn't feel like winning, for when he came back to the village in which he lived he was greeted by a mob of unhappy mermen, fish, and other dolphins. He may have won the battle, but he hadn't realized he had killed his friends in battle, his "brothers", his "sisters", so in the end he lost his family. That caused him so much pain his heart did in fact truly shatter, and he died. The gods were watching this as it unraveled and thought this was a very tragic act, so they put him in the stars with his brethren. To this day he stands, watching over us, helping us with decisions that make us feel blind, or

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