The Criminal Justice System

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Edit with the Docs app Make tweaks, leave comments, and share with others to edit at the same time. NO THANKSUSE THE APP essay How do the Rule of law and Due process support the concept of justice? The Criminal Justice System consists of processes and procedures intend to manage and respond to crime in our society. (Antonacci, 2013) Some of the important functions of a just system includes, preventing crimes, enforcing laws and prosecuting criminal cases. The system achieves these functions by engaging in the Rule of Law and Due Process. The Rule of Law is a written procedure that supports a fair and just society. This means that people’s rights are respected and protected. It also commands the governments to practice their power in accordance…show more content…
(Legislative Services Branch - section 11 of the charter rights). This means that every person is not to be punished and unless or until he or she is proven guilty. For example, when the jury determines if a wrongdoing has been committed, the defendant has the right to be presumed innocent during the process. This gives everyone access to a fair trial. in every trial, a defendant is allowed to present a defense that could possibly create a reasonable doubt. An alibi could be presented as a defense that can prove that the defendant is absent in the time and place when the incident took place. If the prosecutor is not able to provide enough evidence, a jury cannot convict a person of a crime. In a just system, it is more fitting for a person who is guilty to be freed, rather than an innocent person to be convicted of the crime that the person did not commit. No one can be punished for anything unless or until the matter of crime has been settled by the jury. Moreover, even if justice already implies that no one shall be convicted of a crime that they did not commit, a fair treatment is also necessary for the process to be successfully just, regardless one’s gender, race, social background, religion, language, age, etc. because we all equal under the
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