Systematic Oppression In Prince Among Slaves, And Servants Of Allah

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Systematic oppression, slavery, and the psychological manipulation of “true beauty” are a few of the main entities that have built, and continue to build the United States of America. Both the film, Prince Among Slaves, and novel, Servants of Allah, written by Sylviane Diouf, conceptualize the core root on how African Muslim slaves were brought into America, and what they brought with them. The advancement of their educational intellect, religion, and culture are only a few riches African Muslims slaves carried when forced into slavery. Both narratives not only illustrate very alarmingly different ideologies from our k-12 knowledge on slavery, but they are also highly relevant to today's society. Typically, when speaking upon slavery in the United States, we tend to have this assumption that slaves…show more content…
We tend to believe that Africa as a whole was very uncivilized and that America (at that time) was highly advanced compared to those around the world. However, both the film and novel would disagree with what most textbooks in the U.S. deliver in classrooms. Not only were many parts of Africa very developed, but many Africans, specifically African Muslims were literate and cultured. The idea that because of their skin tone Africans must be uneducated and culture-less is a scary notion that still plays a huge factor in today's societies. For centuries, systematic oppression against the Black community has been apparent. Name changes from: Africans, to savages, to apes, to Negros, to Niggers, to Black, to now African American is one small aspect on how slavery has impacted those with that lineage —and even those “fit the criteria.”. Our society has

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