The Chosen By Chaim Potok

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Chaim Potok, author of The Chosen, creates excellent characters – including the side character of David Malter. As the father of protagonist Reuven Malter, David must set an example. He displays wisdom, causing an incredible friendship to form. As a believer in a Jewish homeland, when talk of Palestine as that homeland rises up, David’s zealously takes action. Additionally, his compassion for others leads him to suggest books for Danny to read. Throughout the book, David Malter, from The Chosen, exhibits wisdom, zeal, and compassion. David demonstrates wisdom multiple times through The Chosen. One such example takes place after Danny visits Reuven in the hospital. Reuven, still frustrated at Danny for hitting his eye, refuses to speak to Danny. Mr. Malter sees a potential friendship between the two, and urges Reuven to forgive Danny, saying, “when a person comes to talk to you, you should be patient and listen.” (p. 68) Consequently, his wisdom results in a friendship that lasts for numerous years.…show more content…
Malter exemplifies zeal, especially during the latter part of The Chosen. After the end of World War II, many characters, including David, entertain the idea of a Jewish homeland. David writes articles about Palestine as a homeland, and speaks to crowds on multiple occasions. His love, and zeal, for his beliefs lead him to overwork his frail heart. Reuven urges him to take things easy, but he repudiates the idea. “This is not a time to take things easy, Reuven. You read what is happing in Palestine.” (p. 215) Thus, not even his heart-attack-prone hear convinces him to relent – his fervor for a Jewish homeland concedes for
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