Character Analysis Of Mr. Galanter In The Cherosen

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Since the beginning of time in life one must chose how to respond when faced with a challenge, whether it be moving large boxes or making a decision that will affect them for the rest of their life. According to how one responds to a situation will mostly always determine future events related to them or their neighbors. But one cannot go through life and act in a responsible and respectful manner almost always with out a positive figure preforming the same acts. In the book entitled, The Chosen, a character named Mr. Galanter portrays a strong and healthy male role model. Although Mr. Galanter acts as a primary baseball coach and gym instructor to the young men, he also gives the boys valuable guidance in acting as a kind, caring, but tough drill sergeant. Throughout the book Mr. Galanter confirms himself to be a positive influence for the boys to look up to for guidance. Mr. Galanter prides himself on being fair and influential. In the beginning of the book Mr. Galanter and Reb Saunders get in a small disagreement about warm-up practice before the game. Reb Saunders requests more practice time for his team on the opposing teams field, which will mean Mr. Galanter’s team will receive less practice time.…show more content…
Galanter exhibits two vary different types of personalities. The first and more prominent personality found in Mr. Galanter is his stern and rough attitude. With this he uses several battle, war, and army references. He uses references like this as a form to pump up his players and get their excitement and adrenaline running. Using phrases such as, “there are no ties in battle!” and “ You can hang around and do nothing on the live battle field! Now move!” Due to some of the stern and energetic comments this led the players to constantly wondered why he never joined the military. Although from an outsiders perspective these comments may come off as too stern and rude the boys understand that these comments’ purposes are used strictly as motivation to do

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