The Bystander Effect

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This video is about an experiment which examines how people react to authority. Two people are brought into a room and one is assigned as the learner, which is an actor, and the other is the teacher. The teacher goes into a separate room and asks the learner a serious of questions. If the learner answers wrong then a shock is given to the learner by the teacher. The doses get heavier each time and the teacher hears the screams of the learner. The results were that half of the population that the experiment was conducted on would do the cruel act of shocking the learner just because a guy in a lab coat told them to. 3. I found this experiment very fascinating. I learned that more people than the psychologists predicted would follow through with the…show more content…
1. The Bystander Effect 2. This video was about the effect people are influenced by when a tragic event happens before them and instead of helping they don’t do anything because nobody else was. In these situations if someone one did help the victim then others came to help and join the group that was helping. This was demonstrated by a series of events such as someone witnessing a pick pocket and not saying anything to the person being stolen from. Also when different kinds of people were laying on the street that one with the better clothing received medical attention first versus a drunk or a man in casual clothes. 3. It blows my mind to think that anyone could just walk by a person in need and not do anything to help them. This makes me question whether I would have stopped to help these people or not. I would like to think that I would stop but I don’t know if I am immune to the by stander effect or not. 1. A 78 Year Old Man Gets Hit By a Car and No One Helps 2. In this video a 78 year old man is hit by a car and nobody stops to check on him, not even the driver of the car. People continue to drive and walk right past him. Some vehicles even swerve to avoid

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