Paulette Fedorowski Character Analysis

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Paulette Fedorowski was driving calm and collectively, like she always does, when a young black boy got hit by a moving vehicle and was thrown from his bike. The vehicle sped away which provoked Paulette, who very close to never puts herself in the center of attention, to take action among others who just turned their heads. Her compassion for others and desire to help made her instantly overcome one of her largest fears. She is deeply fearful of talking or being the focus of a large crowd. It was more important for her to bring the boy to safety and diagnose what she believed was wrong with him using her medical skills until an ambulance arrived than acknowledging her own fears. Actions like this are the epitome of Paulette’s character. One of the first things stated when asked to describe herself is “I really love helping people.” Many others would agree to this as well. Mrs. Fedorowski is a 72 year old, mother of four who is currently a retired nurse. Since childhood she has always known that was what she wanted to do. When she was younger her love for kids pushed her to begin babysitting. Paulette’s childhood is where her…show more content…
About 20 years ago, when she worked part time at Central Pediatrics, Fedorowski significantly affected another’s life at the expense of her own. She had built up around a week of vacation time so when a co-worker with none was sick and had severe problems at home Paulette felt she had an obligation. When she learned of this she went to her boss asking to transfer her vacation time to her co-worker. She also asked this to be kept secret so she would not be paid back the over $500 in time. Fedorowski, who believes everything happens for a reason, won almost the exact same amount of money back in a short time after her graceful act. Being a very religious woman she described this as an act of God for her non-required

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