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The Chaos Theory The chaos theory is what it sounds like, surprises in science! The chaos theory is elements that cannot be predicted, but it teaches us to expect the unexpected. Science deals with predictable development. However, the chaos theory deals with nonlinear possessions that are effectively impossible to predict or control. These phenomenons are often described by fractal mathematics, which captures the infinite complexity of nature. Recognizing the chaos in our world can give us vision, capability, and information about the world we live in. The chaos theory has many elements, but they can not be predicted. The chaos theory has principles: the butterfly effect, unpredictability, mixing, fractals, and order/disorder. The butterfly effect is…show more content…
The Earth's climate has changed so much throughout history by itself. There has been seven cycles of glacial advance and retreat in the past 650,000 years. In the 19th century heat-trapping of carbon dioxide and other gases occured. The chaotic nature of turbulence is no real obstacle to climate modeling, and it does not negate the existence or attribution of climate change. Effects of rising carbon dioxide and other gases is ocean acidification, rising sea levels and declining sea ice, the Earth goes through cycles to make these happen. Ocean acidification happens when humans create carbon dioxide emission and other gases by using automobiles and factories, then these gases are let out into the atmosphere and are absorbed by the ocean. Also, when huge amounts of ice melt, due to the Earth's climate and it's natural cycles, it causes rising sea levels. After many years of the Earth heating up it will cycle through and become cold, freezing up parts of the ocean. As some of the ocean freezes up it will reduce the rising sea level. The Earth has many reasons why it goes through these kinds of cycles, and it also has ways to return back to
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