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The American Heritage Dictionary describes the word chaos as, “a condition or place of great disorder or confusion”. Some people would gladly describe chaos as “Late Start School”, the worst school-related idea in centuries. Later start times will be a horrific idea at school, at home, and everywhere around the community. Throw added stress and loss of time in the mix, and that makes a recipe for disaster. Late Start School will cause the bombarding of after-school activities, daylight hours, bus schedules, and the entire community. Late Start School will interfere with after-school activities and grades at the same time. First of all, school will be dismissed later which means less daylight hours for sports teams. This could be a problem, for somebody could be injured if sports are played in the dark. The school could buy lights for the field but that would cost more money which means higher taxes for residents and less tax money going into educational purposes. Secondly, students might have to choose between a competition and a test which could bring grades down if students chose the competition, which is a very likely outcome. Most teens…show more content…
To start, actually changing the school start time is harder than showing evidence in favor of Late Start School being in place at schools. The community would have to be educated on the subject of Late Start School, which could be a major challenge, not to mention the money needed to set up meetings about new school start times. Equally important, young siblings who are cared for by teens wouldn’t have anyone to watch them after school if they got home before the teens who care for them.. Young kids under the age of 12 left alone at home has proven to be a terrible idea, backed up by the National SafeKids Campaign. In summary, some think that Late Start School only affects schools, however; the entire community could be turned upside-down because of

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