Paul Revere's Impact On The Revolutionary War

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Many people don’t know the importance of the story of Paul Revere. This is because over hundreds of years, the story has been over looked. Many schools and teachers don’t teach the story of Paul Revere, but in the end, the story has a major impact on the beginning of the Revolutionary War. Paul Revere was born on January 1, 1735, in Boston Massachusetts. Paul grew up in Boston working for his fathers silversmiths business, that would later on be passed down as his own. Paul married Sarah Orne on August 4, 1757, they had eight children together. While Sarah was giving birth to the eighth child with Paul, she suffered birth complications and ended up dying. Later, Paul married Rachel Walker, after the death of his first wife. Paul and Rachel had eight kids of their own, this made Paul a father of sixteen children. Paul was a veteran of the French and Indian War. Paul’s extreme love his country, lead to him being apart of the Stamp Act that took place in 1765. The Stamp Act was all about “ no taxation without representation.” Paul thought that this statement was accurate,…show more content…
If it wasn’t for Paul and Prescott, taking the responsibility of spreading the word around about the British coming by sea, then maybe some of the soldiers wouldn’t have been ready to fight, causing a lot more deaths on the American side. Another accomplishment Paul made along with his ride, was his engraving of the Boston Massacre. This engraving was on of the most famous engraving in history today. It showed the American soldiers fighting with the British in front of the State House. Many people argue about the engraving of the massacre, some people say Paul was showing bias in the art piece. The art piece does show the American army looking innocent, and not fighting back, and the British just shooting everything in

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