Who Is Titus's Character In 'Violet'?

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In my opinion, the true protagonists of this novel is Violet. Throughout parts of the book, she shows her bright side. Although, Violet is extremely intelligent, throughout the book she still faces issues. Yes, Titus was there with her, most of the time, but she is the one that this is strictly about. She is the character who is disadvantaged throughout the book which is also a section of society. Some may argue that Titus is the main source, but I beg to differ. Surely, Titus is the narrator, but throughout the novel, Titus only is about himself, and mostly comes off as a jerk. In my opinion sometimes, he was also disrespectful to Violet or insults her intelligence. One example is when he makes remarks the she was “learning ancient Swahili…show more content…
She sometimes tends to be old-fashioned physically, and mentally. Evidence is her gray wool dress and her black stockings in the beginning of the book. Mentally, she is homeschooled and never had an actual feed until she was at the age of seven. Titus thinks that she has no social intelligence. However, when it comes down to her being the protagonist, she is first in the line! When Violet was going through her feed malfunction, she tries resisting the situation, but society has already lost its consideration for rebellion. I will also mention that Titus helps her with resisting the feed, but it backfires on her again when the the corporate companies refuse to support her feed malfunction which is…show more content…
When Violet tells Titus that her feed isnt functioning properly, and that her body was shutting down. Another example that explains how she is the leading role, is how her father was involved and how he couldn’t afford to pay for a new feed for Violet. After they have been denied by the FeedTech Company, her body slowly stops. Her arm stopped functioning, then later her leg. Obviously, during this time Violet is the main focus, and Titus is not! Though, Violet is slowly dying, and barely breathing, Titus brings out the best in him, goes and reads to her and tells her stories, the ones he hasn't deleted from his feed. Violet is getting weaker and weaker and she eventually dies and the book ends very emotionally. Now Titus was by her bed, and he had to deal with some blaming, and even some guilt from this tragedy. But, Violet was special, she was bizarre, but uniquely made. Although Titus played a huge part in the novel, Violet’s was the most important, it was the most

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