The Big Bang Theory: How Did The Universe Origin?

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Abstract As humans we ask questions, and as humans we always seem to try to come up with unerring answer to these questions. The answers we come up with are then scrutinized and backed up by “facts”. These facts originate from the work of science. Science is a information system that deals with high values of data that support something much bigger. Science builds and organizes knowledge in the form of testable explanations and predictions about the universe. How did the universe originate? The Big Bang theory Some humans may question how the universe itself came to be. Others answer to those questions are based solely off of their religious beliefs. Religion plays a huge role in individuals knowing their own identity, where they originated from, or how they came to be. People use religion to help them through everyday life. It is what they rely on in times of struggle, when they are weak, when they lack knowledge, or when they have endured many trials and tribulations. They simply have something to believe in; Something to yearn for. Others are the exact opposite and…show more content…
The underlying problem is that we don’t have an observation to accurately describe, or prove that moment in time. Scientists continue to try to find new ways that prove that there was existence of a universe, but have not seen any concrete evidence. There is not solid footing in this standpoint at all. The Big Bang Theory violates the law of thermodynamics. The law of thermodynamics states that “ the entropy of a closed system never decreases over time”(Stenger VJ). Therefore it violates that nothing, or nobody can create, or destroy matter of energy. The Big Bang theory claims that the universe began out of nothing. It does not directly discuss the creation of the universe. Instead it discusses the evolution of

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