The Art Of Persuasion In Advertising

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In the world of advertisement nothing gets companies and organizations closer to their viewers than advertisements or commercials. Companies employs individuals who are masters of persuasion to produce commercials. These skilled individuals, have the ability to reach in the homes of the public and persuades people to buy or and do things they most likely would not buy or do. The art of persuasion can be broken down into three parts. Ethos which is the credibility and character of the person or thing doing the persuading or informing. Pathos, the use of emotion to create an emotional response from the audience and logos, which is an appeal to logic; a way to persuade through reason. Combining these three components correctly makes for a very effective argument. Whether the advertisement is for food, clothes, or information the skilled use of persuasion can be very…show more content…
In the advertisement “How animal rule the World” from the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) in their campaign to end the use of fur and mistreatment of animals in the fashion industry, ethos, pathos and logos are used as tools to play on the emotion and the intelligence of the viewers. In the beginning of the advertisement the viewers see models wearing very elaborate costumes and accessories walking down a runway in a fashion. On a taking a closer look the viewers see that the costumes are made of the skins and parts of humans. At end of the show the models remove their costumes shockingly revealing themselves as different animals. The camera moves to the backstage dressing room which seems to be a normal. The viewer follows the camera as it slowly continues to move toward a back room. Inside there are racks with human skins on hangers and bloody hooks. The camera slowly

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