The Argument Against Hate Speech

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Freedom of speech Are you the kind of person that hates discriminatory against religion or culture? then you should know that the leading discriminatory issue is hate speech. The issue at hand here is that most Europeans feel that laws limiting freedom to prevent hate speech should be put in place and some Europeans feel that it is important to limit hate speech because they feel that it is a human right violation against a group of people. This issue is really important since hate speech is a form of communication that conveys no other meaning other than the factual proclamation of hatred against a group especially in situations likely to induce violence specially in terms of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, religion, sexual orientation.…show more content…
This experiences can affect students school performances, victims of hate speech also while travelling to, from and at school express fear of violence which could lead to excuses to avoid school and any sort of school’s extracurricular activities, they may also feel personally hurt angered and the feeling of betrayal and a sense of isolation and on a mental level may feel depressed a feeling of low self-worth/ esteem. (heinze, 2014). According to a study, students between the age 12 to 18 who reported being targeted of hate speech “were 1.5 times more likely than other students to report being nonviolently victimized and 3.1 times more likely to report being violently victimized while at school”. (Data Bank,…show more content…
Instead of banning the freedom of speech it would be greater to punish hateful acts of crime since violence is a crime and does not matter what its origin is and there are non-discriminatory laws in the workplaces, raising public awareness particularly through media and hate speech bans does not prove to reduce discrimination of any sort. On the contrary it is vital for the government to take a clear identified stand against hatred and intolerance, even if they try to fight discrimination in various ways they should ban hate speech to set an example for the citizens of their country on a worldwide stage, according to hate speech Jeremy Waldron rejects the assumptions of a value-neutral state and mentions that “as far as law is concerned, the vulnerable groups must “just learn to live with” hate speech.” (Taylor,

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