The Pros And Cons Of Hate Speech

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Hate is everywhere! Everywhere you turn there will always be people who hate you or your ideas. Hate surrounds everyone in digital forms and physical forms. Online Bullies and real-life homophobes are everywhere. They both share one thing in common: the first amendment. The ability to speak freely is written in the Bill of Rights and has been preserved for decades, but when free speech turns into hate speech, it brings up the widely deliberated issue about controlling free speech. There are many different perspectives on the issue of limiting free speech. Author of “Hate Speech is Free Speech, Gov. Dean” and Law professor, Glenn Harlan Reynolds, applies a strong historical perspective on the situation, arguing that people are “constitutionally illiter[ate]” when they make the claim that hate speech is not part of the First Amendment. Reynolds believes that it is impossible to ban “hate speech” and control free speech seeing that everyone will always disagree with any idea. Also, he focuses on some problems…show more content…
First, he uses the case of Pastor McConnell to justify that there should not be any limits on free speech. Zafar believes the government should not be the ones to tell people to follow decent moral compass. Furthermore, Zafar reinforces his claims by using evidence from the Holocaust to prove that “free speech” has caused a lot of damage. Although he thinks that free speech should not be limited, he reiterates the idea that we need to combat the atrocious hate speech that happens today.He strongly believes in the capability of people and their determination to do good. Finally, Zafar points out that it is our job as a society to combat the racist and homophobic speech so we can become a united

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