Blasphemy And Hate Speech

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Another issue that can be brought forward is that existing blasphemy laws and hate speech laws at the bottom are unpleasant laws i.e. these laws are vague, subjective and inconsistent laws. Blasphemy laws are very vague in nature i.e. they can be interpreted in many ways. For example: a person who calls for the reform or revocation of blasphemy laws, have sometimes been accused for act of blasphemy. Another such example was, a girl was accused for posting a comment on Facebook against Bal Thackeray’s funeral and also her friend was accused for liking the comment . In Gujarat, a person was arrested because of his Facebook post aggravated Muslims to go on riots . Many people also use these laws for achieving their political goals. Some of the…show more content…
Religious persecution is the treatment of individual or group of individuals as a response to their religious beliefs, religious practices or lack of religious beliefs in an individual or group of individuals. Religious persecution is just the opposite of freedom to religion and therefore is another reason that violates the freedom to religion. Religious persecution has resulted in extreme level of violence in many countries. Religious persecutions have taken place since the ancient period and in different contexts. Until the 18th century, some groups of people were nearly universally persecuted for their views about religion, such as Atheists, Jews, and Zoroastrians . While mob violence refers to disturbance of peace by several persons, assembled and acting with a common intent in executing a lawful or unlawful enterprise in a violent and turbulent manner. Mob violence, riot, rout, unlawful assembly all are related offences but differ from each other. But when we talk legally, mob violence is practically synonymous with riots. For example, the burning of Christian’s properties and murder of Christians by mobs of Muslim men in Pakistan, such as this incident which took place in 2009 that left 6 people dead, which usually follow unlikely, malicious, unsourced rumours that someone has desecrated the Koran. Another high profile example which took place in India was, the 1984 Anti-Sikhs riots or the 1984 Sikhs Massacre were a series of pogroms directed against Sikhs in India, by Anti Sikh mobs, in response to the assassination of Indira Gandhi by her two Sikhs bodyguards. There were more than 8,000 deaths which took place in India . This was an example of both religious persecution and mob violence. Many incidents like the Indira Gandhi assassination case have

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