When Malala Kill

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“The truth is that killing innocent people is always wrong - and no argument or excuse, no matter how deeply believed, can ever make it right. No religion on earth condones the killing of innocent people; no faith tradition tolerates the random killing of our brothers and sisters on this earth” (Feisal Abdul Rauf). Like the mockingbird in Harper Lee’s novel, To Kill a Mockingbird, Malala has done nothing but good. Everything she had done was to help people, yet she was still shot because of it. Even after this she still worked hard to do good and became extremely influential in the fight for women’s right to an education. Malala started an anonymous blog for BBC Urdu to spread awareness of the injustice in Swat Valley. She wrote about how “the…show more content…
When Malala was shot it “generated outrage both in Pakistan and abroad” (“Malala”). The assassination attempt backlashed and brought attention to the inequality in Pakistan. It also failed because Malala recovered from the bullet wound. Because of the attack Malala “achieved [her] dream of going back to school” (“Malala”). She enrolled in Edgbaston High School in March 2013 and began taking classes. After this she plans on going to college and learn politics. Because Malala was shot she began to represent women’s fight for education. Malala continued to work hard for women’s right to an education. She started “The Malala Fund, which aims to help children all over the world get the education that is their birthright” (Leive). She wants to give as many children as she can the opportunity to attend school. She wants the fund to spread all around the world and not just in Pakistan. Malala gave many public speeches telling women that “if you are being discriminated against it's important to voice that and express it to society, to people, to the government and those responsible, and not just keep it to yourself and accept things as they are” (“Empower”). She traveled all around the world giving speeches encouraging women to not give up and fight for their education. She also spoke about how in some countries women are allowed to receive educations but are still discriminated against. Even after she was

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