To Kill A Mockingbird Themes

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In the book To Kill A Mockingbird there were several different things to look at. One being the theme, and themes are the most important. There is racism, arrogance, maturity, and judgement. The next important point would be point of view. The point of view is from Scout, Atticus’s daughter. Her point of view is a very diverse one. Lastly would be tone. The tone is, at some points, humorous, sad, or even scary. The different emotions that this book brings out of the reader is what makes this book an amazing read. There are so many surprises and turnovers that will keep the reader interested. There are many themes in To Kill A Mockingbird and theme is important, especially in this book. Themes are the main point because the themes are what the author is trying to get the reader to learn or understand. Racism is a big part of all the themes in this book. It was also important in the time period because it was a hot topic that had a lot of debate on it. This particular theme is what makes this book interesting. People, these days, take racism very personally and this is what makes it interesting. They want to see the raped woman’s father fail, in this trial. There was also arrogance from the children about the man that lived in the odd looking house. They actually believed he was crazy and…show more content…
It was important to get an inside look at Atticus’s character. He had morals, that would impact the community around him. People believed in him and trusted him, but once he decided to support a black man, the town went crazy. He definitely tried to persuade the town, and some were in favor of his ideas, and some thought everything he did was full of sin. While this source was only important in a few areas, it was critical to know and be familiar with what Atticus’s character. The reader could definitely see how Atticus taught his kids the right path of how to treat people after they had their little run in with Boo

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