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Rochelle Anderson English 102 Professor Drew 9/24/2014 Gimpel, What Fool? Since the beginning of time, man has searched for the justification in being kind, selfless and generous, even amidst the fierce fight for survival among humans. Religion, politics and social structures were created on the basis that these essential values would lead a happy and successful life. Unfortunately, many times it's the people who have none of these attributes are most likely the ones who rise to the top of the social ladder, and the people with the pure hearts become victims of cruelty. In “Gimpel the Fool”, by Issac Singer, Gimpel is the town fool who is constantly bullied for his innocence and gullibility by the other town members. Though he is coerced…show more content…
“What strength she had! One of her looks could rob you of the power of speech. And her orations! Pitch and sulfur, that's what they were full of, and yet somehow also full of charm” (Singer). Again, the childlike innocence of Gimpel is exemplified, because he finds a way to love Elka even through all her darkness and hatefulness. Another basic biblical reference can be made, where Gimpel could be an innocent angel and Elka a projection of the devil himself. An Adam and Eve comparison could be made, except that Gimpel, unlike Adam, is not corrupted by Elka and maintains his purity. When Elka keeps threatening him with divorce, Gimpel again demonstrates his faith by saying that “Shoulders are from God and burdens too” (Singer). He decides to endure whatever God has in store for him and continue to adhere to his own virtues. Yet the most forceful illustration of Gimpel’s intrinsic kindness is when he catches a man sleeping with Elka. Instead of a violent outbreak, Gimpel takes the time to think of waking his child and decides against a confrontation. Some people may interpret this as foolishness or weakness, yet it is definitely a sign of a deep emotional intelligence and empathy that many humans are not capable of in difficult

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