What Is Malaysian Food Essay

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The amalgamation of flavor and spice that South-East Asian cuisine offers is one that is greatly underappreciated by the general population. Alas many never get the opportunity to try this stunning blend of salty, sweet and spicy. I myself was oblivious to this particular cuisine until my recent journey around South-East Asia where I explored the culture and of course, the food, on show in various nations such as Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam. I started this adventure in Malaysia, the country in which my grandparents were raised. It’s a shame I wasn’t able to visit this food paradise till around a week ago but all regret was vanquished in the 7 days I spent there. Now, I’ve been to countless Malaysia restaurants back home; some of these restaurants even have a Michelin star! Yet none among the plethora of restaurants had the ability to mimic even the fragrance of true Malaysia cuisine. It is only when you visit Malaysia that you understand and appreciate the wonders of its cuisine.…show more content…
Barbequed meat on a stick? Not in any world would that be as good as a finely prepared dish of escargot, right? Wrong! Although there is a vast difference in how it is presented, the meat on stick (otherwise known as Satay), tastes in my opinion just as good as the 800 MOP (subject to currency change, depending on target audience) snail. The real highlight of this journey was the Laksa, a seemingly simple dish. It consists of thin and fine noodles in a thick and creamy coconut milk broth. You can then have multifarious ingredients added to this base, including chicken, shrimp, and tofu. In addition to the combination of scrumptious flavors, it is a visually and aesthetically stunning dish. Yes, Malaysian cuisine is amazing, but you have only truly tried Malay food when you have tried this

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