Hofstede's Five Dimensions Of Culture In Thailand

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Introduction Thailand has been renown as the "Land of Smiles". (EmbraceChiangMai, 2014) The country was known as SIAM until 1949 where the country name was changed to "Thailand". (HelloSiam, 2002) Thailand has been known as the land of freedom as the word "Thai" simply represent freedom as a result Thailand proudly declares that they were not colonised. This also allow Thailand to preserve its special one and only one culture, traditions and language. (Abercrombie&Kent, 2014) Thailand has become one of the world's most famous destinations due to its diverse natural landscape, rich historical culture, distinctive historical and modern buildings, some best hotels in the world and the warm, friendly citizens. As a most favourable travel destinations…show more content…
Therefore, the Hofstede's Five Dimensions of Culture that will be used to evaluate Thailand are power distance, individualism or collectivism, uncertainty avoidance, masculinity or femininity and long-term or short-term orientation. • Power distance – is a dimension that indicates how the society feels about the inequalities among them. "Since Thais are supportive of hierarchies and revere every types of power where all decisions will only be made by the higher-ranking management as the eldest one in the group is the most respected at all times" (davidcliveprice, 2014). From power distance point of view, Thailand is a society in where inequalities are accepted. Hence, doing business in Thailand, we must respect their culture and be patient as they may take some times in their decision…show more content…
"Thai society cultivate strong bonds where everybody hold accountability for their fellow group mates" (TheHosftedeCentre, 2014) which indicates that they belongs to collectivism. Hence, doing business in Thailand must be patient because "creating a business partnership in Thailand might take quite some time" (davidcliveprice, 2014) as they prefer to create personal bonds before they start their business partnership. In this case, talking about business on the first meeting is consider impolite and

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