Text To Speech Synthesis

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1.1 Background Language is a fundamental part of everyday life. Whether we are using speech, sign language, emotion or a coding system that conveys meaning through touch, we use language to express our thoughts, intentions, reactions, and experiences [1]. Text-to-speech (TTS) convention transforms linguistic information stored as data or text into speech. It is most widely used in the audio reading devices for the deaf and dumb people now days. TTS is one of the major applications of NLP. The NLP module of general TTS conversion system consists of the Pre-processor, text analyzer, contextual analyzer [2], syntactic prosodic parser, letter to sound module and prosody generator. Synthesized speech can be created by concatenating part of recorded…show more content…
This field of speech research has witnessed significant advances over the past decades with many systems being able to generate a close to natural sounding synthetic speech. Research in the area of speech synthesis has been worked by the growing importance of many new applications. These include information retrieval services over telephone such as banking services, public announcements at places like train stations and reading out manuscripts for gathering. Speech synthesis has also found applications in tools for reading emails, faxes and web pages over telephone and voice output in automatic translation systems. Special equipment for the physically challenged, such as word processors with reading-out capability and book-reading aids for visually challenged and speaking aids for the vocally challenged also use speech synthesis…show more content…
Probably the most important and useful application field in speech synthesis is the reading and communication aids for the blind and aid for the Deafened and Vocally Handicapped. People who are born deaf can’t learn to speak properly and people with hearing difficulties have usually speaking difficulties. This Synthesizer gives the deafened and vocally handicapped an opportunity to communicate with people who do not understand the sign language. The significance of this TTS system for Tigrigna language can be coupled with a Computer Aided Learning system, and provide tools to help a child or a student learn correct pronunciation of

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