Tennessee Williams Play In A Streetcar Named Desire

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Many events throughout someone's life shapes them to be the person they are today. Everybody has a story of who they are and how they got to be where they are today. Tennessee Williams shows how life has changed and formed the different characters from what they use to be to what they are now. Blanche and Stella come from the same background but it shaped them differently. Tennessee Williams shapes the play’s characters throughout relationships, curiosity, and drinking. Relationships play a main role in the play. Stanley and stella at the beginning are happily living in New Orleans when Stella’s older sister Blanche shows up for a visit. Stanley says “ he is going bowling “ and then Stella says “ Can I come watch” (6). It is not a lot…show more content…
Stella and Blanche grew on a farm called “ Belle Reve “ , after stella and blanche’s father passed away, Stella left the farm and went to the city where she found Stanley. Blanche stayed around at the farm to try to keep it going but eventually lost it. Until Blanche shows up Stanley and Stella have a steady relationship and are about to have a kid. Blanche puts a lot of stress on their relationship when she shows up. Throughout the play everybody is very curious of one another and what they are doing. Stanley from the very beginning is wondering why Blanche whom he has not met has came to see them. Stella is curious of what has happened to Belle Reve and why she was available to leave during the spring term at her school where Blanche teaches. Blanche comes to the city and when she sees Stella’s new living conditions she is in disgust with where Stella is living and that she has settled for a moderate house. Blanche is very used to the plantation and having a lot more than what they do now and seems she has not really been able to get over the transition to this more average lifestyle. Stanley in the very beginning is really worried about why blanche is…show more content…
Blanche is already crazy to begin with but when alcohol is involved things get weird. She’s not the only one like that in “ Streetcar named desire “. Stanley has his own ways of drinking too. At the beginning of the play Blanche says she hardly ever touches alcohol, which it is know now is not true. In fact she is quite the heavy drinker as she says it calms her nerves and she also takes a bath to unload the weight off of her. On the other side Stanley drinks to entertain himself and his friends, while they play poker. Drinking in Stanley’s life is more of a social thing than something to calm his nerves. Drinking really shapes the characters attitudes and lives as it has became a daily thing in these two lives. It also changes both of their attitudes and makes them something they normally are not. So in this play one can see how relationships, curiosity, and drinking make the people whom they are. Without relationships such as Blanche and Stella’s she would be a different person and without Stella with Stanley, he would probably be a no good guy who just drinks beer and plays poker. So for some people like Stanley having that relationship makes him better.

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