Short Story Raymond's Run

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“Raymond’s Run” Toni Cade Bambara's story “Raymond's Run” is taken place in their neighborhood- a place where the “fastest thing on two feet” lives, which is Squeaky, Squeaky is a member of the neighborhood who is very competitive. She is always practicing and getting better. The other kids in the neighborhood include her brother Raymond and their family such as other children. One lesson that the story provides is hard work pays off! From about mid way through the story the details show you that Squeaky really enjoys running and competitive in races. The author shows you this in the story by saying “There is no track meet that i don't win the first place medal. used to win the twenty yard dash when i was in kindergarten. Nowadays it’s the fifty yard dash.” This piece of text evidence shows you that Squeaky has been involved in racing since she was extremely young and still enjoys it, she is still improving.…show more content…
Everyone knows in reality that at some point in time everyone or at least most athletes will run into haters or judgemental people that are jealous of one another. Squeaky runs into someone along the way that is exactly those things. Mary Louise is the name of the person that does all the bullying like things to Squeaky. You can totally tell Mary based off of this background because in the story the author says this “ I took up for her on account of her mother and my mother used to sing in the same choir when they were young girls, but people ain’t grateful, so now she hangs out with the new girl Gretchen and talks about me like a dog.” This text evidence shows you that Mary Louise has really changed and now is a brat and Squeaky hates

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